The Usage of Mining Concentrator on Flotation Plant

A series of economic measures have become the bailout straw of engineering mechanical, and the most interesting urbanization deservedly has become the high-speed car of construction machinery industry can’t be missed.

Some economists have said that urbanization is a new principal investor, mainly related to two core mainline, and the intercity and urban rail transit connecting the center of town will focus on replacing the focus of high-speed railway construction. In other words, the future of rail transit construction will focus on city rail transport radiated to the surrounding area.

The flotation-cell.html” flotation-cell.html” flotation cell is a kind of equipment which is mainly used in the flotation separating process. Flotation cell is short of concentrator, which refers to the machinery and equipment used to complete flotation process. To add pulp treated by agentia into flotation cell and stir the air to make some mineral particles selectively flotating above bubbles, and collect the bubbles floating to pulp surface to get foam product, while the rest still remain in the pulp to achieve the purpose of separating minerals. The flotation concentrator has many forms of structure, and the most commonly used is the mechanical flotation concentrator. Flotation cell is mainly used for lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, sorting copper, zinc, and the rough concentration and garbling concentration of black metal and non-metallic.

Experts pointed out that promoting the synchronous development of industrialization, information, urbanization, agricultural modernization, and has requirements like must change the structure of demand, optimize the industrial structure, promote the harmonious development of the region, promoting the urbanization focus and efforts to solve the constraints sustained and healthy economic development of the major structural problems.

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