How to Use the Cold Hot Pack Properly?


Many people do not know how to use to cold hot pack properly. I’m actually surprised at the confusion surrounding this issue. The answer is almost always cold therapy. Heat therapy can actually be detrimental to tissue healing in many cases. To clarify specific issues surrounding this topic, I’ll discuss the appropriate application of both modalities here.

Cold packs made from water beads could be used to deal with sports injuries. Sports injuries are the result of trauma to your tissue. It could be externally applied by a collision with an opponent or inanimate object. It can also occur independent of an outside source—such as when you role your ankle or twist your knee while changing directions.

Trauma could be healed by the hot packs made from gel bead. Trauma to your tissue sets off a physiologic process known as inflammation. As part of the inflammatory process, your body sends specialized cells and proteins to seal off the injured area, destroy damaged tissue and keep out bacteria. This can become problematic as, left unchecked, inflammation can destroy healthy tissue and create a bigger problem than you started with. To prevent this, it is crucial that you minimize inflammation as soon as possible.