have also come Congratulations

Really exciting time, Cheap authentic nfl jerseys,to be honest, like every time Don creation of the miracle of the game are three explanations, that is not to say that we bring Don lucky? “Smith is very excited authentic, after all, this is a may witness the miracle of the moment.


Miller quipped: “I would like to bring good luck to the Tang and Charles I, because when players but very unlucky and did not get a ring to explain the luck is very happy. Kenny, your luck has long light. much gossip that exciting moment comes, eyes wide open. ”


Livingston received issued prior to field the ball, and immediately handed over to Tang Han. Marion is also in the Tang Han received the ball the moment it rely on up close defense, stared intently at Tang Han.


Tang Han protect the back of the ball, came at 2 meter, Marion followed Tang Han. Tang Han looked at the timer, Elite nfl jerseys,as well as five seconds. Tang Han heart number 2 number, do a jump shot feint, the the Marion center of gravity moved.


Tang Han to recover stature breakthrough, Marion see Tang Han breakthrough relax vigilance, hit 2 points can also play plus. But relax in Marion the vigilance Tang Han breakthroughs in the past, Marion found Tang Han or jumper from beyond the arc. Original Tang Han deliberately Maliangla out from beyond the arc, and immediately after the Tang Han breakthrough in the Marion chose a pull-up jumper from beyond the arc, and in order to succeed, but also consumed only 25 points of physical launched The May Rain chopped.


Instantly hastened to turn around and grab Tang Han Marion horror-stricken, but the ball was too late Tang Han has been cast out, Authentic nfl jerseys, and the time of the timer just shot in basketball finish.


Tang Han is Marion this caught caught lying on the ground, unable to move because of his physical, even if Marion grasping Tang Han will untenable. Tang Han floor or staring at basketball, “shabu”, basketball finally flew into the Nets, Tang Han lore sun. Moment when the basketball flying into the net nest, Tang Han is also laid down the tense mood his face covered with a smile.


Tang Han the audience score 101 points, breaking the record of 100 points Chamberlain, to create miracles. Clippers players are wild celebrations, bench players and coach Eric is happy and dancing and laughing. However, we immediately saw lying on the ground, Tang Han, hurried over to help him. Rather see Marion caught of Tang Han’s Brand ready go to lessons Marion, Tang Han and quickly stopped Brand said: “Elton, I’m fine, Nike Elite jerseys, I light physical exertion.” So that it does not fight, flew someone over Fu Tang Han.


When the audience fans see Tang Han tired to lay down on the ground, the fans of the sun also sent to Tang Han applause, after all, they witnessed a miracle.


The sun’s players have also come Congratulations, did not make the small-minded players. Marion is an expression of chagrin, is obviously extremely regret the error was committed.


Buckley in the seats of the commentary was moved to stand up and yelled: “This is an extremely exciting race, nhl jerseys wholesale, we are lucky enough to witness this miracle. Tang Han is very smart, he Marion fool. Tang casting ball no strength, lying on the pitch to get up so the ball if the Marion the Tang * near the three-point line, then the sun will win, Tang also just tied Chamberlain, the Don playing smart. ‘